Australia - VIP Transit and Connection


VIP Transfers and Connections

You will be met at the air-bridge, escorted and fast tracked (as allowed) to and through any visa, quarantine, transit, security, immigration, baggage, customs procedures; then you will be led to the next flight’s check in area, or to flight transfer desk, or to your airline lounge or to the boarding gate.

If a change of terminal is required the greeter will normally accompany you between terminals. If requested an “inter-terminal transfer” in a private vehicle (car or van) can be pre-booked for an extra cost. Otherwise the airport shuttle or transfer system will be used to move between terminals.

In some airports “international to international” connection may not be permitted solely within the transit area. In other airport the flights might be arriving or departing  in different and remote terminals. Or maybe a low cost “point to point” carrier’s flight might be involved.  In these cases the airport layout,  regulations or airline interline agreements may require you to pass through immigration, collect your bags and check in again.


Each request will be evaluated case by case and a solution will be will be suggested and quoted at the time of booking.

VIP meet & assist. First Class service at the start and end of every flight.